Campbell Soady Gallery presents Intersecting Identities Show

I am going to be showing a couple of figure drawings at LGBT Center in the West Village.  Here is the press release from the Center

Campbell Soady Gallery presents Intersecting Identities Show
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 19 2011 : 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Location: The LGBT Center , 208 W. 13th Street, NY, NY
Exhibit showing from March 19, 2011 through May 31, 2011

In recognition of Women’s History Month we want to celebrate the contribution of New York’s women artists with an exhibition honoring the creative power of women creative power. As women, we inhabit intersecting and often conflicting identities.

Our creative expression is informed by our unique experiences as women. We stem from varying classes, races and sexualities. We are mothers, daughters, lovers, New Yorkers and artists. This show will examine how women artists channel these themes through their work, and, by exhibiting a variety of lived realities, will attempt to provide insight into the lives of women today.

The Intersecting Identities Show includes work by:
Damali Abrams, Marissa Bluestone, E.K. Buckley, Enid Crow, Julia Forrest, Coco Fusco, Kira Greene, Leah Harper, Clarity Haynes, Aubrey Hays, Simone Meltesen, Meghan McInnis, Coco Papy, Chloe Pinto, Jill Peters, Suzanne Stroebe, Ari Tabei, Julie Tolentino, Maria Watts, Eva Weiss, Emily Wexler and Tamara Wyndham.

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