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Caldo Verde: Portuguese Kale Soup

I have been struggling with the combination of allergy, spring cold and sinus infection all through March. When I am suffering like this, I crave simple and comforting soups. One of my favorite soups to make at times like this … Continue reading


Ramp and Sausage Risotto

Ramp, also known as spring onions, ramson, wild leeks, wild garlic, and, in French, ail sauvage and ail des bois, is an early spring vegetable with a strong garlicky odor and a pronounced onion flavor.  You can find the ramp in farmer’s markets.  There’s nothing … Continue reading


Bacalhau and Mixed Berry Cobbler

I always look forward to dinner at my friend M.’s.  She is a fantastic cook who happens to be Portuguese, and I come to expect Portuguese feasts whenever she has people over.  She often makes a version of bacalhau dish … Continue reading