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Exhibition News

Cross Currents: Group Exhibition in San Francisco

I will be showing a large scale drawing, Cherry Blossoms Come Crashing In in Crosscurrents, a group exhibition featuring the works of Asian and Asian-American artists at Togonon Gallery in San Francisco. Crosscurrents June 16th – July 16th Opening:  June 16th, 5:00 … Continue reading

Exhibition News

A fun exhibition in San Francisco touches all senses

I am participating in a fun group exhibition in San Francisco featuring 10 Asian American artists whose work encourages and entices viewers to use all five senses to interact with their artworks, organized by Kearny Street Workshop at the SOMArts … Continue reading


Eating in San Francisco

Ben and I went to San Francisco and Los Angeles to visit family and friends, and of course to sample some delicious foods in California. Overall, we ate very very well both in restaurants and at homes. I was particularly … Continue reading