Group Exhibition in Lower East Side

I am participating in an interesting group exhibition in Lower East Side of New York City this summer. Please come by when you are in the area.

For Which It Stands

For Which It Stands
Opening Reception: Friday, June 28, 6-9pm

Open from June 28 through July 28

Curated by Keith Schweitzer and Jason Patrick Voegele

America has always been an amalgamation of immigrants who arrived here either yearning for a new life or thrust by circumstance into providence. For hundreds of years immigrants from every reach of the globe have passed through New York harbor to settle into new lives far from home. Along these generations have come the standard bearers of culture. These are the artists and musicians and poets from every continent putting into words and images their personal re-conceptualizations of what is home and what is foreign, what is progress and what is tradition.

So, what does the voice of this generation have to say for itself? What is it about the contemporary American experience that captures the imagination of today’s foreign-born and first generation artists? This summer Republic Worldwide picks up the flag in search of answers through the work of seventeen contemporary artists from around the globe.

Featuring: Orlando Arocena, Raul Ayala, Chong Gon Byun, Liset Castillo, Alexis Duque, Alessandra Expósito, Kira Nam Greene*, Jung S. Kim, Fay Ku, Annu Palakunnathu Matthew*, Esperanza Mayobre, Levan  Mindiashvili, Sirikul Pattachote, Shahpour M. Pouyan, Francesco Simeti, Saya Woolfalk and Siebren Versteeg

Click here for the Press Release:

The Lodge Gallery
131 Christie Street NYC.
Tel: 917. 478. 7513

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