Gallery Crawl; Chelsea, 26th Street

Some interesting shows currently up in Chelsea.  Here are some that I visited yesterday.

Alison Elizabeth Taylor, Security House, 2008-10, Wood veneer, shellac 93" X 122"

Alison Elizabeth Taylor, Forclosure at James Cohan Gallery.  Her level of craftsmanship went up a notch compared to the last show.  Was not sure whether she was making fun of or sympathetic to these “white-trash” looking people.   Shirazeh Housiary at Lehman Maupin was just yawn inducing.

William Pope. L at Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Amy Sillman, Nose, 2010, Oil on canvas, 90 x 84 inches

William Pope. L’s landscape + object + animal at Mitchell-Innes & Nash was as usual thought provoking, and the installation of Snow Crawl video mesmerizing.  I will have to come back for the performance on Saturday.  Another noteworthy show was Nicolas Touron’s The Kingdon at Virgil de Voldère Gallery.  But I had to end the short visit to Chelsea by going back to Amy Sillman’s show at Sikkema Jenkins on 22nd Street.  She really makes gutsy gestural abstract paintings absorbing the influences of  Guston, De Kooning and Gorky, but making it feminine and all her own.  Go see it if you have not, yet.

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