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Arroz con pollo with a twist

I love any kind of rice dishes (okay, I am a Korean, so that goes without saying), and I love any version of Arroz con pollo or what I call Mexican paella. 🙂 I wanted to make a version of … Continue reading


Gemeli with cauliflower, picholine olives and almond

Another pasta dinner with vegetables and nuts.  I seem to be in the mood for the combination.  This time it is sauteed cauliflower combined with minced picholine olives and parsley.  After cooking the cauliflower in olive oil for about 7-8 … Continue reading

French, Theater

Red on Broadway

I saw Alfred Molina as Mark Rothko in the Broadway production of Red a couple of weeks ago.  Surprisingly moving portraiture of an artist, and here’s what I thought about it in French. 🙂 Rouge,  une nouvelle production de Donmar … Continue reading


Brunch with Taylor at Maialino

Taylor and I had a lunch at Maialino, Danny Meyer’s newest restaurant at Gramercy Park Hotel for Taylor’s birthday.  As usual for Danny Meyer’s restaurants, the service was impeccable (knowledgeable, prompt, warm and no attitudes).  He really knows how to … Continue reading


Ravioli with herbed zucchini and walnuts

Ben went to the Chelsea Market yesterday and bought some good ricotta cheese ravioli from Buon Italia.  I wanted to make something fresh and light to accompany these good ravioli.  I decided to use zucchini, and debated whether I should … Continue reading



Neither Japanese nor Koreans are known for deserts, and I would always go for a killer chocolate cake than one of the rice cake confections, but sometimes chewy manju is just the thing, like after the other night after a … Continue reading


Sweet and sour chicken

Another one of my standby 30 minute dinner idea is Sweet and sour chicken.  I add pretty much any vegetable that I have around, but broccoli and red pepper are really nice choices. I always stir-fry the chicken that has … Continue reading

Event, Exhibition News


I am having my first solo show in New York at A.I.R. Gallery in Dumbo.  Please come to the opening.  I would love to see you all. Kira Greene feastiality April 28 – May 23, 2010 Opening Reception: Thursday, April 29, … Continue reading

Art review, French

Marina Abramovic: l’artiste est presente

I have been studying French for about 5 years now, and I am writing about art, theater and music in French as a part of my French study.  I will occasionally post these writings on this blog since these are … Continue reading