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Vegetable Soup Cure All

Okay, so it was Ben’s birthday yesterday, and we went to Daniel for a 3 course dinner to die for. For appetizers, he had mosaic of capon, foie gras, celery root with pickled daikon, mâche and pear confit. I had … Continue reading


Braised Tofu in Caramel Sauce

I was tempted by the recipe in today’s New York Times Magazine, especially because of the over-indulgence of last couple of days (paella feast at Socarrat (Paella Valenciana!!!) and the Christmas party). A simple vegetarian meal of tofu and rice … Continue reading


Tegliata di Biete – Swiss Chard Torte with Raisins and Pine Nuts

Tegliata di Biete or Swiss Chard Torte with Raisins and Pine Nuts is a Venetian dish that shows the influence of exotic flavors from Near East and Venice’s role as an important trader.  I love making this dish because of … Continue reading


Brisket of Beef with Pan-fried Potatoes and Cole Slaw

In celebration of the 6th night of Chanukah :), I made the brisket of beef.  It’s a very simple recipe with very short list of ingredients but with a lot of flavor.  Here is the recipe. Ingredients 1 5-6 Lbs … Continue reading


Korean Chinese better than American Chinese?

I had dinner at Shanghai Mong, a Korean-Chinese restaurant on 32nd Street with Ben last night.  It’s the only Chinese place on the strip of all Korean restaurants.  I normally go there to eat Jajangmyeon (also spelled jjajangmyeon; 자장면; 짜장면),  which … Continue reading


Thai Noodle Salad with Chicken

What’s for dinner?  Ah, the eternal question, especially when the refrigerator seems almost bare and you are exhausted from working all day.  I looked inside my fridge and faced that dilemma tonight.  And my stomach cried, “Hungry, feed me!”  But … Continue reading


Canard aux framboises (Pan-roasted duck breast with raspberry sauce)

I am kicking off my food blog with the dish I made for Thanksgiving even though Thanksgiving is only a memory now, and we are all gearing for Christmas and New Year’s holidays.  But I thought this duck dish would … Continue reading